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Who Am I?
$22.97 - Instant Download

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Who am I?

It’s a simple question, but it doesn’t have one simple answer. 

How well do you know yourself? Can you recognize both your strengths and limitations?  

Do you know what you want? Can you define your desires, beliefs and values? Are you open to new opportunities? Or do you sometimes get in your own way? 

Self-awareness is a key ingredient to being happier, more confident and more successful. 

Become more self-aware, and unlock your true potential in the Who Am I?course.

In this course, you will use journaling to explore topics in five different themes: 

  • Inner World:Understanding how you operate, and why you feel and act in certain ways
  • Outer World: Learning how your actions affect others, and how to improve your relationships  
  • Creativity: Cultivating the unique gifts you bring to the world, and how to share them more
  • Work:Examining your professional identity, and how you can become a more effective leader and collaborator  
  • Potential:Pushing yourself to learn, grow, and exercise more self-awareness every day