15 Days of Care For The Caregiver!<br>$22.97</br>

15 Days of Care For The Caregiver!

  • $22.97

Caregiving can be fulfilling, allowing you to strengthen your relationships, learn new skills and show your love for someone who is important to you.  But it can also take a toll on the caregiver, leading to a weakened immune system, putting you at risk for depression, exhaustion and other illnesses.

Journaling is a powerful tool that can improve your health from the moment you begin. In fact studies show journaling will help you: Boost your immune system Reduce stress, anxiety and depression Lower blood pressure Improve focus and mental clarity ...and more!

Filled with fifteen days of journaling exercises, encouragement and inspiration, this course will put you on a path to better health and a renewed sense of balance and strength in your life.