1:1 Journaling Power Sessions with Mari

1:1 Journaling Power Sessions with Mari

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Master Transformative Journaling with Mari’s 1:1 Personal Mentoring

A personal message from Mari:

For over 20 years I’ve used the healing power of transformative journaling to...

  • Improve my health
  • Generate business success
  • Create the happy, healthy life I want to live!

My mission in life is to help you mimic my success and reap the same rewards I did as quickly as possible.

The truth is, I am a roaring testament to what numerous medical studies support, that journaling enhances life!  The list of proven benefits runs deep.

But for me, journaling brought me back from sick, tired, and downtrodden to healthy, full-of-life, joyful and prosperous.

It wasn’t easy.  It required energy and massive action.  But if you’re reading this page, I know you’re the type of person who believes in doing what it takes to make great strides in your life.

I want you to experience the SAME TRANSFORMATION I have.  My commitment as your personal mentor will be to:

  • Put you on a path to better health and wellness
  • Provide uplifting positive energy in every Power Session
  • Share my expertise so you can reach your goals faster
  • Give you the inspiration and motivation to keep going
  • Introduce you to targeted journaling to help solve your most pressing problems

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, you CAN overcome ANY obstacle. Take advantage of my proven strategies and write your way into the life of your dreams.

Session Logistics

Each session is 60 minutes, and is conducted via Zoom. Once you place your order, you'll receive an email to schedule our first Start Changing Your Life meeting!

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