7 Days To Self-Awareness! <br> $16.97 - Instant Download

7 Days To Self-Awareness!
$16.97 - Instant Download

  • $16.97

With the 7 Days Self-Awareness course, you'll delve into a personal journey that will help you get to know and understand yourself better.  Why do you do what you do?  What do you want out of life?  And what are the right steps to take to achieve your dreams?

This course is filled with creative journaling prompts and exercises, tips and encouragement that will help you determine:

  • What kind of person am I, really?
  • What makes me tick - and what ticks me off?
  • What are my dreams? My fears?
  • Where have I been, where am I now, and where am I going?

Discover who you are and take steps to create the life you want to live - with journaling! 

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