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Get Healthy in 24 Days!

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This creative course empowers you to take ownership of your health every day and helps you get back in touch with your body, mind and spirit -- and helps you pay attention to what they tell you!

Through daily journaling exercises, tips and encouragement, the Get Healthy in 24 Days - Self-Paced Journaling Power Course will guide you to better health from the day you begin. Now is your chance to begin a habit that will last a lifetime.

Practice being mindful and present in your every day health choices

Take a fresh look at your current habits - from eating and fitness to sleep and play

Set personal goals for a more balanced, healthy lifestyle Explore your habits and the way they help or hinder the life you want to lead

Create happier, healthier days!

"Glad I did this...amazing what I learned...every year I start fresh with one of Mari's journaling challenges. .great way to get the new year rolling! All of her courses are awesome, so recommend you pick one and have fun with it!" ~Betty