Kick Writer's Block in 7 Days<br>$14.97 - Instant Download

Kick Writer's Block in 7 Days
$14.97 - Instant Download

  • $14.97

No matter what kind of writer you are, you will experience highs and lows with your craft.  Writer’s block strikes in many ways for many reasons – often without warning.

It may leave you battling a stubbornly blank page, or scrambling to control a tangled mess of thoughts.  When you’re in the throes of writer’s block, you feel powerless against it.  

With this course, you'll learn how to use journaling to understand and defeat writer’s block. Through a series of daily journaling exercises, you'll explore: 

  • The root causes of writer's block
  • How it affects you
  • Strategies that work best to solve it
  • Establish do-able, journaling habits to keep writer's block at bay! 

Once you've completed the seven days, you’ll have a whole new arsenal of tools to conquer writer’s block!