14 Days of Journal Magic For Writers!<br>$22.97 - Instant Download

14 Days of Journal Magic For Writers!
$22.97 - Instant Download

  • $22.97

Journaling leads to incredible, life-changing benefits for all people: healing, health, happiness, creativity and fulfillment. But it offers a special kind of magic to writers.

No matter what kind of writing you do, journaling will strengthen your craft.  It will give you a safe space to reflect, play, struggle, and grow, and help you: Nurture your unique voice. Explore your spirituality and strengthen your beliefs.  Advance projects that are most meaningful to you. Conquer writer's block.  Become a better writer!

Through a series of daily journaling prompts combined with instruction and encouragement this Course will take you on a journey of self reflection and growth that will help you boost creativity, hone and strengthen your craft.

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