Build a Journaling Practice in 14 Days! <br> $22.97

Build a Journaling Practice in 14 Days!

  • $22.97

This course is for anyone who is new to journaling as well as for experienced journalers who wish to restart a daily journaling practice.  Journaling changes everything - and this course will show you how.

As you work your way through daily journaling exercises, you’ll learn to use all the tools and techniques you need to build a lifelong journaling practice and help you:

  • Establish your own personal journaling style?
  • Build writing habits you'll want to keep up?
  • Overcome common challenges
  • Relieve stress and have more fun
  • Nurture your physical, mental and spiritual health

Take this course and find out how journaling can be used to set and reach your goals toward happiness, health and fulfillment.